When to Visit the Emergency Dentist?

Dental Emeregncy
By Sanders Family Dental

Emergencies don’t come with prior warnings. They can strike you anywhere, any day without a single hint. At some point in our lives, we might have to rush to the emergency dentist. But what would you consider as an emergency? Our dentists at Sanders Family Dental have compiled a list of emergencies where you should seek immediate dental care. Let us take a look at that.

Sudden Teeth Sensitivity

People mostly tend to ignore sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures as a normal part of their lives. However, it could indicate some underlying issues. Sudden sensitivity is extremely abnormal and requires immediate attention. It could mean that you are suffering from severe enamel erosion. Seeking emergency dental care will provide you with relief and detect the cause of sudden sensitivity. It will protect you from health complications in the future.

Excruciating Toothache

There could be so many reasons for an unexplained toothache. It could be caused due to an accident or due to something being stuck in between your teeth. However, there might be other concurrent conditions such as undetected gum disease, or a bacterial infection behind your tooth pain. If your pain is persistent, then you must visit the emergency dentist without any delay. The issue will receive timely treatment and help you cope with your toothache.

Fractured Tooth

If you are suffering from a fractured tooth, then you must seek emergency care. The fracture could expand and lead you to lose your tooth. To minimize the risk of tooth loss, emergency dental care is imperative. Quick action will provide you with prompt respite and eliminate the risks of oral health complications.

Severe Gum Inflammation

Your gums can swell due to a variety of reasons. However, if it does not return to normal then the situation must be addressed. Rush to the emergency dental clinic and get a thorough oral examination. Gum inflammation is one of the early indicators of gum disease and if it is not nipped in the bud, then it might aggravate in the future. It could also be a sign that you have a root canal infection. Either way, get proper treatment and do not leave it unchecked. 

Ulcers or Sores in your Mouth

You can experience severe discomfort due to canker sores or ulcers in your mouth. They are tiny white spots that appear on the soft tissues. Oftentimes they are early indicators of other concurrent medical conditions. If your ulcers are not healing then it is a cause of worry. It is best to get it checked and treated by an emergency dentist.

Constant Bleeding From Gums

Bleeding gums can indicate that your brushing or flossing technique is improper. Consult your dentist if you want to learn the correct technique. It could also indicate nutritional deficiencies in your body. However, if the bleeding persists then seek professional help immediately. It could be a sign of periodontitis and can deteriorate if left untreated.

Missing Dental Filling

Dental fillings protect your teeth and prevent extensive decay and damage. If your filling is missing then it is best to rush to a dental clinic. Its absence could expose your teeth to bacterial infections and probable tooth loss. You must get a replacement filling as soon as possible to minimize dental concerns.

Every minute is important in emergencies. It is best to consult a dental professional if you are in doubt about your situation. Oftentimes, there is more to the problem than meets the eye. The dentist will be the best person to analyze the situation and provide you with relief. If you are looking for emergency dental services in Lombard, IL then consults us at your convenience.

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