Wisdom Tooth   •   March 22, 2021

Wisdom Tooth Got Extracted? Check Out The Tips To Avoid Dry Socket!

Is your Wisdom tooth pulled out recently? Are you going through a dry socket? Dry socket is inflammation within an empty tooth socket. This dental issue can occur after tooth extraction. How does a Dry Socket develop? Usually after wisdom tooth removal, blood clot forms over the tooth socket. The blood clot safeguards the nerve […]

General Dentistry   •   February 9, 2021

How To Deal With Early Cavities?

To begin with, let’s talk about what exactly a cavity is! A cavity is the loss of a little portion of the tooth to the process of decay. The action of acids actually damages the crystalline structure of the tooth. There are early signals of decay which can be spotted. This only affects the tooth […]

gum disease   •   January 12, 2021

The Hard Truth About Gum Diseases!

Periodontitis is a severe infection of gums. It is generally caused by bacteria that accumulate around your teeth and gums and can spoil your soft tissues. It can destroy the alveolar bone which provides support to your teeth if it goes untreated. This indeed, may lead to a chance of heart attack, stroke, and other […]

Preventive Dentistry   •   December 8, 2020

Dental Sealants: Your Prevention From Tooth Decay!

It’s really hard to clean each and every corner of your teeth – specifically those molars and premolars, even with brushing and flossing. Molars are actually rough, unequal and the most favored spot for remaining food particles and cavity-producing bacteria to conceal themselves. But, there’s yet another safety measure to help keep those teeth clean. […]

General Dentistry   •   November 27, 2020

How To Cope With Tooth Aches?

Dealing with a toothache is an awful experience. Toothaches can come in various forms! You may feel an excruciating pain in your jaw or a side of your mouth hurts when you bite or even chew or feel an acute pain while you drink a cold beverage. But though the pain vanishes on its own, […]