4 Common Signs You Have A Root Canal Infection

Root Canal Infection
By Sanders Family Dental

In the U.S., dentists perform over 15 million root canal surgeries yearly, according to the American Association of Endodontists. Root canal treatments are among the most commonly performed dental procedures across the world. In a root canal treatment, the dentist clears the decay from your tooth’s root and pulp by creating a small hole in the specific tooth.

Our teeth have four layers—enamel, dentin, cementum, and pulp that houses the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. Dentists performing root canal therapy in Lombard, IL, clean the decay from a tooth’s pulp and roots.

Some common symptoms of a root canal infection are as follows:

1 Continuous pain:

One of the most common symptoms of a root canal infection is a constant pain that lasts for more than two or three days. Most people feel this pain continuously, but some experience this pain irregularly. In case of constant pain, getting an early diagnosis helps in better treatment and prevents the infection from infecting your teeth.

2 Sensitivity to hot and cold:

Another common sign of a root canal infection is experiencing a toothache while consuming anything hot or cold, such as tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc. People generally complain of sharp pain while eating ice cream. This pain indicates that your tooth’s blood vessels and nerve endings are infected or damaged and need immediate treatment. In such a case, you should visit your dentist for root canal therapy in Lombard, IL, immediately.

3 Swollen gums:

Do you have swollen gums surrounding the aching tooth? If yes, it is time to take it seriously and consult a dentist. The gums around the infected tooth might be painful to touch. The tooth’s dead pulp releases acidic wastes that lead to swelling.

4 Discolored tooth:

An infection in the tooth pulp can make the said tooth to lose its original color. Any trauma to the tooth or breaking down of the internal tissues of your tooth can potentially damage the roots and pulp of the tooth. Your tooth might become a shade of gray or black. A discolored tooth is highly noticeable if it is in the front part of your mouth. Dental experts recommend an oral checkup in case of a discolored tooth to rule out the possibility of a serious root canal infection.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Thus, you should consult an endodontist in Lombard, IL, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above. At Sanders Family Dental, you can book an appointment with the best dentists for root canal treatment near you for a thorough examination of your teeth.

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