What You Should Know About Your Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth Extraction
By Sanders Family Dental

If you do have a tooth extraction lined up, you’re probably a little nervous, particularly if you’re getting a tooth extracted for the first time. To make you feel more comfortable with the procedure, let’s give you a clear idea of what you should expect, so you’re cool as a cucumber when the “special day” comes! Read on to learn what happens during the extraction of a tooth.

The tooth extraction procedure

In reality, the extraction process is a very fast and easy process. First, to numb your mouth, the dentist gives you a local anesthetic so you don’t feel any pain during the operation. If your tooth is negatively impacted — or you have to get multiple teeth removed — you can also get an IV sedation to sleep during the operation.

When you are anesthetized, the dentist is going to remove your tooth. He will either place gauze in the empty socket and make you bite down to stop bleeding or he can use stitches to cover the gum up.

That’s what it is! You’ll be able to go home after we’ve done the extraction and stopped the bleeding.

If you only have one tooth to be extracted, you can complete the entire procedure within 20-40 minutes. If you have several teeth to be removed, however, plan to spend some more time at the dentist’s office. Every additional tooth, depending upon its position, can take further 3-15 minutes of the appointment.

Will there be pain involved?

No, there won’t be any pain involved. Since there will be anesthetizing of the nerve fibers that send pain signals, you won’t feel pain. However, you can feel a feeling of strain. You can also sometimes feel a lot of pressure.

While this feeling of pressure shouldn’t cause you to feel anxious, you should know it here because the more you know exactly what you should expect, the easier it will be for you to feel confident during the operation.

You must be mindful that, during the process, you can hear sharp noises. Many patients consider this the most discomforting aspect of the operation. If you have headphones, you might want to bring them with you, so you can listen to music while the dentist extracts your tooth.

In case you need an emergency tooth extraction in Lombard IL

The majority of patients needing emergency extractions go straight to ER. Hospitals, however, can generally only provide pain killers to patients and transfer the matter to their dentist, because they are not prepared for such work.

In addition, many dentists must refer patients needing emergency extractions to an oral surgeon. Luckily, that’s not the case for Sanders Family Dental. At our practice, Dr. David will personally review your case and, if necessary, perform emergency extraction during your visit.

Kindly note that during the COVID-19 crisis, when most dental practices are shut, Sanders Family Dental has been open for any dental emergency in Lombard IL. So, if you’re looking for emergency tooth extraction in Lombard IL, click here and book your appointment.

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