Dental Bridges: Are You A Good Candidate For This Treatment?

Dental Bridges
By Sanders Family Dental

It is just as vital to look after your dental health as it is to look after your overall health and wellbeing. Our teeth and gums are the most significant component of our oral health. They play a crucial part in a variety of daily activities, including eating and talking. A gorgeous set of teeth also enhances the attractiveness of your smile and entire attitude. As a result, the habit of maintaining regular dental hygiene is essential to avoid all kinds of oral issues. The loss of one or more teeth can affect your ability to speak and eat, as well as harm your smile and personality. However, there are several ways to treat this issue. 

Dental Bridges is the best and most reliable way to replace a missing tooth and restore your attractive smile and general appearance. A dental bridge is a dental restorative device that is used to replace a missing tooth in the mouth. Your dentist will place a crown, also known as a cap, on both ends of the bridge. The crown aids in the connection of teeth on both sides of the gap to be filled. After that, an artificial tooth is used to link the two crowns, thus filling up the gap left by lost teeth.

How Much Does Dental Bridges Cost?

Dental bridges are the most budget-friendly way of solving the issue of missing teeth. The cost of dental bridges can vary; however, they can be greatly reduced with dental insurance plans. The cost of a dental bridge normally ranges from $800 to $2,000. The factors that decide the cost of dental bridges can consist of:

  • The location of the dental office
  • The specialization of the dentist 
  • Type of dental bridge that is chosen 
  • Your dental insurance plan

The Criteria For Becoming An Ideal Candidate for This Treatment

Dental bridges are a good option for most patients who are missing one to three teeth in a row. The criteria that can make you an ideal candidate for the dental bridge treatment option are:

  • Candidates must be in generally good oral and overall health, with no sign of gum diseases.
  • A candidate must solve his or her gum issues before getting dental bridges.
  • Patients must have teeth that are sufficiently healthy and sturdy.
  • Candidates must have the required jawbone density. 

The Key Takeaway

As each person’s circumstance is different, you may not qualify or be excluded as a candidate because of a specific condition. That is why it is critical to consult with a qualified dentist who can help you determine your qualification. Therefore, if you need the best dental restorative services in St Lombard, IL, then please make an appointment at Sanders Family Dental. We provide the latest dental restorative treatments for a wide range of dental issues.

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